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Catch Me If You Can!

Viki’s solo album, “Catch Me If You Can!” is available at…

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Session Work:

Viki contributed vocals to the following:

Make Money (june 2015 release)
by Shawn Owen Band
(vocals on “Make Money”, “Morning Light”, “Taylor”, and “Ballad of a Girl”)

Mark Hopkins and the Hotel
Room Service (august 2013 release)
by Mark Hopkins and the Hotel
(vocals on “Till I Say So”)

Fake Flowers Real Dirt
by Fake Flowers Real Dirt
(vocals on “Bullets Thru the Fire,” “On the One,” and “Three Straight Days”)

Shawn Owen
Shawn Owen
by Shawn Owen
(vocals on “Taylor”)

Natgeo Wild Commercial
NatGeo Wild Commercial
by Discovery Channel
(view video)